Solar Heating Solutions


Spring Hybrid

The n°1 hybrid solar panel

that generates both electricity and hot water.

CreateCo & DualSun

Discover sustainable hot water solutions with CreateCo Backyard Solutions, the heating experts. Our advanced solar panels harness sunlight efficiently, reducing energy bills and environmental impact. Trust us to provide eco-friendly, cost-effective heating solutions for your home

Solar Water Heating

Our Hybrid Solar Panel Will Create Electricity & Hot Water In One.

Our Panels Main Applications:

1. Domestic Hot Water Heating.

2. Swimming Pool Heating.

3. House Heating (combines with your heating system).

Our Three Main Applications

solutions for all your energy needs
Domestic Hot Water

Solar Power for Both Electricity and Domestic Hot Water.

Achieve Remarkable Savings of 60% on Your Electricity and Hot Water Expenses with SPRING Hybrid Solar Panels.

Double the Energy Output

In the realm of domestic hot water solutions, the DualSun SPRING panel generates twice the energy per square meter compared to standard photovoltaic panels.

Suitable for All Building Types and Sectors.

Solar Swimming Pool Heating

With hybrid panels, you can reduce or eliminate expenses of your pool with clean, stable and 100% renewable energy

3x more energy

For the swimming pool heating solution, the DualSun SPRING panel produces three times more energy per m2 than a standard photovoltaic panel

House Heating Solutions

Reduce your heating costs by combining SPRING hybrid solar panels with your heat pump or other heat system.

4x more energy For the solar panel with heat pump heat solution, the DualSun SPRING panel produces 4 times more energy per m2 than a standard photovoltaic panel. Saves you tons of money!

Domestic Hot Water
Solar Swimming Pool Heating
House Heating Solutions

2-in-1: Innovative Hybrid Panel

Discover the ideal synergy of photovoltaic and thermal solar energy, designed to boost production and enhance your energy bill savings.

Crafted for Longevity and Sustainability

built to endure for decades while being environmentally responsible with a 95% recyclability rate.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance

Thanks to standardized quick connectors and accessories, installing the SPRING panel is as straightforward as a typical photovoltaic panel, ensuring a hassle-free experience


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