Discover our extensive range of high-quality pergola and shade products at CreateCo Backyard Solutions designed to elevate your outdoor environment. Leveraging our experience and unwavering dedication to excellence, we deliver inventive solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics, utility, and long-lasting performance.

Aluminum Pergolas

A well-designed aluminum pergola seamlessly integrates with its environment. Whether it frames a garden, patio, or poolside, our pergolas are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with your outdoor landscape. This integration enhances visual continuity and creates an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment.

Wooden Pergolas

Designing a pergola is a harmonious balance of form and function. Our skilled designers conceptualize designs that consider factors such as size, shape, style, and integration with your outdoor space. The result is a design that not only complements your property's architecture but also enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor area.


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  High Quality Materials  

The Key Lies in the Materials - Our structures are a blend of superb engineering and structural components crafted from 100% extruded aluminum, the very material employed in the construction of airplane wings and fuselages. With its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, it can endure substantial snow loads, torrential rainstorms, and strong winds with ease.


Our specialty lies in crafting personalized pergola designs that match your distinct preferences. Whether you aspire to have a petite pergola for an intimate backyard retreat or a pergola with side panels for enhanced privacy, we possess the skill and knowledge to transform your vision into reality.


Our proficient team is committed to providing a flawless installation process, guaranteeing that your pergola or shade product is set up with meticulous attention and expertise.

CreateCo's Timeless Creations.

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